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Custom Meals - Cooked Weights

Custom Meals - Cooked Weights

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Whether you are following a strict Meal Plan, Counting Macros, Competing in a Fitness Competition, or simply just want EXACT amounts in your Meals, we have you covered with our Cooked Weight Custom Meals.

 **If the amount you're looking for is not listed, please round UP and then use the 'allergies function to list the exact amount you need.**

*Custom Meals are vacuum sealed to keep meals fresh for 7 to 10 days in the fridge! You can also freeze your meals and thaw as needed*


Tenderloin piece: ~4oz cooked
Blackened Salmon piece: ~4.5oz cooked
Blackened Chicken piece: ~4.5oz cooked
Smashed Potato: Contains dairy
All salmon comes skin on

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