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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I order meals?

Can I re-order the same meals?

Do you have a Keto Menu?

Do you have vegan and vegetarian options?

Delivery, Shipping and Pick-Up

How does Delivery work?

Where do you Deliver?

Do you deliver to acreages around Edmonton and Calgary?

When and Where can I pick-up my meals?

Location + Contact

Do you have a storefront?

How can I contact you?

Discounts, Bulk Ordering & Rewards

Do you offer bulk ordering discounts?

Do you have rewards for re-occuring customers?

Meal Plans/Macro's

Where can I find your macros?

Do you do meal plans?

Do you breakdown people's macros?

Do you have sugar and fibre counts?


What are the meals fridge and freezer life?

How do I heat my meals?


I have allergies, what meals are safe to eat?

Technical Difficulties

I'm trying to place an order but having issues. What do I do?


Is your packaging recyclable?

Sleeve Return Program

More Container Info

Gift Cards

Do you do giftcards

Vacuum Seal

Are all your meals vacuum sealed