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Canada Wide Shipping

We make our meals fresh, and ship them right after we've cooked them up.

We know it's important we get your meals quickly and we have two different shipping methods based on your location.

Edmonton and Calgary area
We deliver from our kitchen to your door. In these areas, we can offer next day local delivery.

Alberta & Canada Wide
We ship our meals all over, and we're happy to offer Canada wide shipping. We put your meals in a specially designed box that keeps the temperature low, and we add cooling packs.

Our Alberta & Canada wide shipping is handled by Purolator, and the price varies depending on the distance travelling from our kitchen in Edmonton.

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Shipping FAQs

  • Alberta and Canada Wide Shipping is available Monday through Thursday. NOTE: The date you select when ordering is your ship date
  • Orders will typically be delivered the day following your ship date Tuesday through Friday in most places in Alberta. Other locations across Canada may require a two day shipping time.
  • Alberta shipping is typically $40 but may vary depending on location. All shipping costs will be calculated & applied at checkout.
  • Orders are due two days before the day you wish to receive your meals:
    Want your meals Wednesday? Ensure you order by Monday at 6pm. Tuesday? Order by Sunday at 6pm and so on.
  • When placing your order, PLEASE ensure you include any important details such as buzzer and unit number in Line 2 of the address input form.
    If Purolator can't safely deliver your meals, you will be responsible for picking them up at their depot.
  • Door to Door delivery is not available to farms/acreages and hamlets of extremely low population. Please use your nearest 'Hold for Pick/Up' Purolator drop spot Not sure where that is? Email us your postal code and we will find out!
  • While Purolator does daily delivery to most addresses, there are some where they only go once or twice a week. If you are in a more secluded part of Canada , or in a town of a population of less than 1000 , please email us first before placing your order. We will find out which days of the week you're able to order for.
    This information will also help us update our delivery database and make this even simpler in the future.
  • While we trust Purolator to handle your meals accordingly, they can't help items being shaken up a bit occasionally. We recommend ordering meals that are vacuum sealed as this keeps them from shifting much.
    Keep in mind that non-vacuum sealed meals may arrive a bit shaken, although the quality and taste will still be in tact. We can not be held responsible for any damage caused via delivery or delivery delays as they are out of our control. We can assure you that we have had a great experience using Purolator and continue to work closely with them to ensure timely deliveries.

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