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What our clients think

I am so impressed with this company just after a couple weeks. Not only is the food delicious and the cost reasonable, but I feel like a valued customer. There are so many options out there and hard to find one that checks all the boxes and this place has managed to do that. I’ve had numerous health troubles over the past years and have found it hard to keep up with healthy meals especially at dinner. This wonderful establishment has been so great. I look forward to trying more things on the menu. Definitely the best.

Bite Me Meals is AMAZING! Food is delicious, they always have healthy options and the website is super user-friendly. I have tried a few other meal prep places but I was either disappointed with the service, price or the options and this place delivers every time. So happy our family found out about them :D

This company is a really important part of our life They give us the ability to have healthy portion controlled food while being business owners, parents and people trying to improve their health and fitness Prior to Just bite me it was impossible to do all of this and not compromise something. We should have left a review a long time ago but last night reminded us how over due it was.
Our schedule was super full and we were unable to get to the store before it closed without asking. Taylor created a solution that solved everything and had us eating supper on time. Taylor and Jacques really stepped up and provided us great customer service, I find that outstanding and priceless.