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Vegan Meal Prep

What is a Vegan Diet?

What is a Vegan Diet? Vegans abstain from eating all animal products. This means no dairy, meat, or eggs for them! It's important to note that vegans avoid honey too- they only want plant based foods and nothing more. Some people choose this diet as an extension of their lifestyle choices while others do so because it may help with health problems. Is veganism right for you? 


You wouldn't even think you're eating strictly Vegan with our Vegan Falafel Tacos!


How is Vegan different from Vegetarian?

Vegan diets are strict against any animal products, like cheeses. Many vegetarians will still consume eggs or sometimes fish. However vegan's creativity has allowed them to create a variety of tasty and nutritious meals that can be healthy for your body! Knowing what you're eating is key in following the guidelines successfully though, so learning more about macros (protein, fat, carbs) on the Vegan diet might help too!


The Vegan Tex Mex bowl is spicy and savoury!


Why would I choose a Vegan Diet?

Vegan lifestyle can have many benefits from a health standpoint, such as lowering your intake of animal-based foods which could improve certain aspects of your wellbeing; however you should also consider how animals are treated in some places before making any decisions about following it if these topics are important to you.

The vegan diet has been shown by numerous studies to decrease an individual's intake on meat or other products derived from livestock - leading them towards having more plant based diets instead - with potential positive implications for their physical wellness like lower cholesterol levels and reduced risk factors related diseases associated with high amounts of saturated fats found primarily in red meat. If you're considering vegan, be sure to check your vitamin intake for the following. 

  1. Vitamin B-12
  2. Iron
  3. Calcium
  4. Vitamin D
  5. Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  6. Zinc
  7. Iodine 


What vegan meals can I have?

We want to make sure you can stick with whatever diet you choose, so our Vegan meals are always full and flavourful. Trying Vegan starts by replacing the taste and texture of animal products; we have some great substitutes!

See our available Vegan meals here.