How to choose the right Healthy meal delivery service

How to choose the right Healthy meal delivery service

The winter holidays allow us to take stock of what went right and wrong during the year. 2021 was another challenging year for many, and lots of us are looking back at our health decisions. It's easy to order take-out every night, but it's at the expense of our waistlines and our overall health. For those who are always busy, having easy-to-eat meals allows us to keep going, focusing on essential matters. We're a fan of meal prepping; it's why we exist! However, if you're not sure on who to pick for a healthy meal delivery service, this is how we would approach it. 

Quality of Ingredients

The quality of ingredients will directly affect how healthy they are and taste. We all know that a $1.99 fast-food burger can't be good quality and isn't great for you, so making sure you're not choosing the cheapest meal delivery service is essential. Usually, you want to find the meal prep companies that use restaurant quality or higher. This way, you're getting a good balance of quality, but not at a giant gap in price. 


At Just Bite Me Meals, we use restaurant-quality food and higher. For some ingredients, like our Bison from Coal Black Bison we approach companies directly to partner with them. 


When is your meal delivery service cooking your food?

We've all been there, at the point where we know we need to eat healthier. We don't necessarily want to, but it's something we know we'll benefit from. Removing barriers, like having freezer-burned or not-so-fresh ingredients, is something you should consider. When does the meal delivery service cook? Is it a week before, then send your items at the time of order? Is it cook to order? How old is your food? Fresh foods typically have higher nutritional value. 


meal delivery service

Here, you can see our team preparing food. We cook our food to order which means the meals that come to your door are cooked fresh that morning. 


Does the meal delivery service have good variety?

Getting your fitness in check takes time. Making sure you're finding a meal delivery service with a variety of options allows you to avoid food fatigue. You might be fine eating the same meal for a few days, but after a week or so, you'll want something different. Maybe something spicy or out of the norm. What about breakfast, snacks, and dessert? Ideally, you can find one place that has it all. You'll also want to check how often they add new meals. This way, you're exposed to new tastes that are still helping you get your goals. 


meal delivery service

If you didn't know, we've got over 100 options! From breakfast, lunch dinner, snacks and healthy desserts. 


What are your overall goals?

Are you on a weight loss diet? Need something to eat while you're busy at work? Are you looking to add mass with protein? Knowing what you're after will help you choose the suitable options. Most meal delivery services should have options for all kinds of diets, like vegan and keto, and should offer a good variety of options. 


What we think is essential in a meal delivery service. 

We've been in operations for almost four years at the time of this writing, and we've learned lots along the way. We've always believed in focusing on four key areas. 

  • Options should be healthy always
  • It has to taste great, no matter what
  • It always needs to be the right portion
  • Avoid added ingredients that add no taste or nutritional value
  • Great value for the price

In summary, when you're choosing the right meal delivery service for you, make sure the quality of ingredients is high - at least restaurant level or higher. Make sure you're not buying food that was cooked and frozen months ago - you want to get the maximum nutritional value. Make sure it's a sustainable option that has variety - this way, you don't get bored. Make sure you know what you're after - getting a firm grasp of your goal gives you focus on what would work best for you. 


If you're thinking of trying us out for your meal delivery service needs, you can use the code FIRSTTIME for 25% off your first order. Let us know how our meals are and any thoughts by tagging @justbitememeals on Instagram, and best of luck on your fitness journey!


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