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How important is your time?

Time is something that many can ignore.

It only take five minutes to do something, or it's only a 10 minute drive away. Time is something that consumed then gone. You can't get time back, and you can't buy more time, and overall, we've all got the same 24 hours in a day.

What you do with your day will define many things, but mainly who you are. Do you spend more time at work or more time at home? With increased pressures, how you spend your time comes into play.

Being efficient in how you work or do things like exercise and eating allows you to maximize the amount of time spent.

For lots of our customers, cooking is enjoyable, but not something they want to do every day. Home cooking can be great, but it can be challenging to fit in when pressed for time. There's also having the right ingredients that are healthy and fresh. There are also health concerns when people cook their own meals because they're more likely to use unhealthy ingredients like high-sugar sauces, spices with too much salt, or lots of butter. When cooking for yourself, portion control can be a challenge that leads to overeating.


All our meals have ingredients portioned for you.


This is why we created Just Bite Me Meals

We saw that many struggled with eating correctly and wanted to help. It's easy to over-optimize and think you'll grab a burger on the way home, and your health, both mentally and physically, suffers from this approach.

Now, you can eat healthy, full of flavour meals that save you time. Our meals are designed to control portions and be full of healthy ingredients. This way you can reach into the fridge, grab a meal and add some heat.



Prepared, Packaged Meals Make Life Easier

Meal Prep companies like us save time and are a healthy choice. Our meals are designed to have just what you need, no preservatives or additives. Eating a balanced diet by utilizing what's offered can help reduce the health risks of eating poorly.