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Weekly Feature

Weekly Feature

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Please Note, Starting May 29th our weekly features will become monthly features. This is to allow more time for meals to be enjoyed by you, while also providing our hard working staff more time to play with ideas and ensure our feature is perfected before going public. 


Feature for May 15th through May 28th

NOTE: The feature meal received is based on the date you receive your order

Deconstructed TB.L.T 

TB.L.T = Turkey Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato on a gluten free bun and paired with fresh veggies and chipotle mayo! 

The gluten free bun comes on the side to ensure it stays fresh before you eat it. Simply remove from the packaging, layer on the turkey bacon, lettuce, tomato and chipotle mayo and enjoy!! 

Contains: egg (chipotle mayo on side) 


558 calories - 18g protein - 50g net carb - 7g fiber - 30g Fat

Upcoming Feature for June (May 29 through June 26th): 

Hawaiian Coconut Shrimp Bowl 

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